You do your best to hire and manage your team.  But sometimes things go wrong, or a disgruntled employee wants their pound of flesh.  We defend against:

  • Wage, hour & benefit claims
  • Wrongful termination claims
  • Workers compensation claims
  • Workplace discrimination claims based on age, gender, race, national origin, religion, disability, pregnancy, or any other protected class.
  • Sexual harassment claims
  • Violations of employee privacy claims
  • Whistleblower claims
  • Independent contractor (AB 5) claims

If you are an employer, the deck often seems stacked against you.  We seek to level the playing field to give you a fighting chance.

California employment law changes frequently and it is recommended that employers audit their employment documents at least every three years to ensure compliance.  We can also help you avoid problems by drafting, reviewing or revising your employee handbook, employment contracts, operating procedures, personnel policies, and other documentation.

If you have been sued by one or more employees, we invite you to contact us to see how we can help you.

If you have not been sued YET, we invite you to contact us to see how we can help you keep from getting sued in the future.

Employer HR Document Generation

From counseling employers and assisting them in audits and assessments of their exempt and independent contractor classifications and pay practices to defending management in wage and hour class and collective actions in California state and federal courts, we have deep experience with reviewing and ensuring your documents are up to date.

Wage & Hour Defense

Our lawyers regularly advise clients on issues related to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and state laws involving a variety of issues such as minimum pay, calculation of overtime pay, requirements for exemption from the overtime pay requirements, maximum hour requirements, payment upon termination of employment and other wage payment issues, prevailing wage issues, and additional pay-related matters.