If you’re an entrepreneur in the hospitality industry (hotels & restaurants), the most important contract you’ll sign is your franchise agreement. We are intimately acquainted with franchisor-franchisee relations and the agreements that govern such a relationship.

As a prospective franchisee you are generally in the weaker negotiating position, given that the franchisor is usually a well-established corporation.  Allow us to help navigate these complicated negotiations prior to signing. This is a critical contract which the success of your franchise relies upon.

After signing the franchise agreement, disputes can arise between the parties.  We step in and help resolve those disagreements.  To avoid excess legal expenses, we prefer to settle such disputes informally. However, if the gulf between the franchisor and franchisee is too great – we proceed to mediate, arbitrate, or litigate.  Make no mistake, your franchisor is legally equipped to fight, so having top-notch legal representation in your corner is vital.