Tenant Protection Act (AB 1482)

The California rental housing market has experienced a major change with Governor Newsome’s recent signing of Assembly Bill 1482 – The Tenant Protection Act of 2019 (“AB 1482”).

    • AB 1482 creates additional restrictions with which landlords must comply, including:
      • (1) enacts a statewide rent increase cap;
      • (2) greatly expands the number of tenants who can only be evicted strictly for “just cause”
      • (3) heightens certain tenant noticing requirements. AB 1482, effective January 1,2020, will expire January 1, 2030 unless extended.
    • Overall, the current version of AB 1482 has a considerable number of terms that are undefined and vague. Therefore, AB 1482’s effect on property owners and tenants alike is still to be seen.