Just Cause Reasons for Non-Covid Related Evictions


Tenants throughout the State of California, cannot be evicted for nonpayment of rent related to COVID-19 at least until October 1, 2021, however a Tenant can be evicted for other “Just Cause” reasons.

Any of the following At-fault Just Causes can be utilized by a Landlord to evict a Tenant:

  Default in payment of Rent (Non-Covid Related).

• Tenant fails to comply with contractual provisions stated within the Lease Agreement.

• Participating in illegal activities and/or assigning/subleasing without permission.

• Tenants refusal allowing the owner on to the property when notice has been provided.

Please remember It is against the law for landlords to evict tenants on their own, without going to court AND getting a court order directing the tenant to move out.