LA Hotel Worker Protection Ordinance

Panic Buttons 

  • A panic button device must be given to all employees working in guest rooms or where other employees may not be present. We would advise these devices be given to all housekeeping, houseman/women, and maintenance staff. 
  • Device must have GPS tracking and direct contact to security guard or supervisor. 
  • Hotels 60+ rooms must have a dedicated security guard to respond to alerts. Hotels with less than 60 rooms must designate a supervisor that has completed the three-hour training course annually. 
  • Hotels must train employees annually on use of panic buttons, and document training. 
  • Hotels must post panic buttons signage on back of guest room doors and in restrooms. 

Workload and Compensation Requirements 

  • Only applies to hotels with 45 rooms or more. 
  • 45-60 room hotel – housekeeper cannot clean more than 4,000 sf in workday
  • 60+ room hotel – housekeeper cannot clean more than 3,500 sf in workday


  • Hotels cannot require employees to work more than 10 hours a day, unless employee consents in writing. 


  • Hotels must provide notice of rights under this Ordinance to all hotel workers no later than 30 days after hire. It must be given in English, Spanish, and any other language spoken by more than 10% of the workforce.


  • For each workday, hotel must maintain housekeeping records and should be accessible for 3 years. Info to include: room attendant’s name, rate of pay, pay received, rooms cleaned, square footage of each room cleaned, number of special attention rooms, total square footage cleaned, overtime hours worked, and any written consent from employees agreeing to work more than 10 hours. 

 Should you have any questions, reach out to us at or (760) 372-0007