Hotel City Code Violations

City officials are cracking down on building code violations. A number of hotels in the last year have been targeted by city inspectors for “dilapidated” conditions. These conditions include exposed electrical wiring, leaking plumbing, unpainted walls, trash debris in the parking lot, inoperable smoke detectors, etc. The city is deeming buildings unsafe and dangerous in violation of the health and building code. They will likely cross-check their inspection with police call logs to give them more ammunition to come after your property.

Once the City issues a Notice of Abatement, they give you an impossible 10 days to make the needed improvements to your building. They threaten a lawsuit, assign a receiver, and will induce foreclosure of your property when the deadline is not met. You will face a civil penalty between $5,000 and $100,000 for the hotel’s failure to comply with the order. Further, the Notice of Abatement will be recorded on the title of your property rendering it encumbered if and when you go to sell.

As city coffers deplete, businesses are targeted to pay unfair penalties for conduct and conditions that would normally be satisfactory. To avoid becoming one of these hotels, ensure your property’s public appearance is spic and span, perform routine maintenance on your interiors, and be careful of the guests you allow to check in.

If you face any code compliance issues or receive any communication from the City, please do not ignore it. This is a real issue that can cause major consequences. Reach out to us at as soon as you become aware of the City looking into your property.