Joint Employer Liability

Statutory Joint Liability: CA Labor Code Section 2810.3

  • If employers with 25+ employees use five or more workers at a given time from a third party, then both the employer & third party may be responsible for the payment of wages to that worker 
  • Factors that the courts consider are whether: 

(1) Workers are provided to perform labor within the hiring entity’s usual course of business;

(2) Workers are exempt or non-exempt; and 

(3) Contractor is a bona fide nonprofit community 

based organization 

Common Law Joint Liability

  • The Common Law test for join employer rela- tionship focuses on the control that a third party business exerts over the hiring employer’s worker 
  • Courts have weighed in on whether a third- party joint employer has power/authority to: 

– negotiate & set the workers 

– wages 

-hire/fire workers 

-set employee schedules 

– train/supervise workers 

-instruct employees when to take breaks 

  • The courts have found that a well drafted employment contract with power & authority to the em- ployers, will preclude a third-party employer from exerting control & authority. 

Personal Liability 

Labor Code Section 558.l(a) states that a person acting on behalf of an employer who violates or causes to be violated any wage order governing minimum wages and hours worked may be personally liable for the violations

  • The code covers: 
  • Payroll issues 
  • Incorrect wage statements 
  • Improperly issued final pay
  • Failure to reimburse employment related expenses 
  • It is important for owners & managers to understand the wage & hour obligations to avoid personal liability.

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