ALERT YOUR STAFF: Night Shift Hotel and Motel Employees are Being Targeted by Phone Call Scams

Hotels and Motels in the State have reported that their night shift staff receive phone calls from a person claiming to be the property owner. The caller tells the employee that they need a large amount of cash urgently and ask them to get the cash from the safe.

If the employee tells the caller that they do not have the code to open the safe, the caller then suggests the employee open the safe by any means necessary. After the employee fails to open the safe, the caller proceeds to ask the employee how much cash they have in the cash register, including deposits. Once the scammer gets the amount of cash the employee has access to, the scammer then instructs the employee to close the office and immediately deposit the cash to a Bitcoin account at a convenience store (AM/PM, 7ELEVEN, ETC.)

Keep in mind that during the phone call, the scammer is insisting that he is the PROPERTY OWNER, which makes employees more hesitant to ask more questions regarding what is being requested.

To avoid any member of your staff to fall for these scams, make all employees aware of these types of calls and set a procedure on what the employee is expected to do if they receive one of these calls.