How AB 1482 Effects Just Cause Evictions

AB 1482 prohibits evictions without just cause. For tenants that have lived in a unit for at least one year, AB 1482 pro- hibits evictions and non-renewals of leases without “just cause.” 

There are two types of “just cause”: (1) “At Fault Just Cause,” and (2) “No-Fault Just Cause.” 

  • At Fault Just Cause: includes failure to pay rent, criminal activity, or breach of a material term of the lease. 
  • No Fault Just Cause: includes if the owner/ owner’s family intends to occupy the property, withdrawing the property from the rental market or an intent to demolish or substantially remodel the property, or compliance with a local ordinance or order issued by a governmental agency. 

Landlords must give the renter an opportunity to cure “curable lease violations.” 

If a landlord wants to convert the rentals to condos or “substantially” remodel the property, they will have to pay relocation fees equal to one month of rent. 

These rules will not apply to cities with their own local “just cause” laws (i.e., San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego etc.). Therefore, it is important to check if your city has its own local “just cause” laws. 

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